Book Yourself Solid System for Plant Based Entrepreneurs




Do you want more customers that inspire and energize you?

Do you want more customers that will build word of mouth advertising for you and your products or service?

This 12-week course, led by certified Book Yourself Solid coach Steven A. Littlefield, is designed for plant-based entrepreneurs who want to get more customers, more money, and more free time.

Steven brings a solid financial background to every endeavor. With more than 25 years in executive level positions within the banking industry. He has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business.

His expertise lies in identifying people’s talents and capitalizing on them to create mutually beneficial relationships while expanding the strength and value of the team. Steven believes his successes are based on more than just finding out what people are capable of doing, it is identifying what they love to do.

In the late 1980’s Steven successfully grew a mortgage brokerage company from $3 million in monthly production to $35 million in 18 months. He was instrumental in developing a reproducible marketing campaign and referral program as well as formal loan officer training school. His consistent improvements lead to increasing annual sales from $50 million to $600 million in two years. Steven has proven himself an authority in researching new opportunities and methods to increase productivity while reducing operational expenses.

In 1992 he co-founded Signature Funding and grew the company from a 3 person mortgage broker shop to a full fledge mortgage banker with 3 offices over 160 people, funding $75,000,000.00 per month in residential mortgages.

In 2002, Steven founded Absolute Results as a consulting firm and continues to develop new business initiatives utilizing innovative approaches to fill the needs of his clients.

​In 2017, Steven’s first book The Business of Gratitude was published. He continues to serve the mortgage industry where he teaches mortgage loan originators how to grow their businesses by showing exemplary manners, gratitude and appreciation by following up.

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If you want to get more customers who energize and inspire you then invest you time and money to learn and implement “Book Yourself Solid for Plant Based Entrepreneurs.”